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positive report

Focusing on the positive does not mean living in denial. It does not mean hide your head in the sand It does not mean only have comfortable conversations. Focusing on the positive does not mean that you live in absence of fear–or outright terror… Continue Reading “positive report”

just stop

Being angry at all the injustices in the world is not the most effective way to change them.  I am reminding myself this again for the umpteenth time!  My dragon self wants to breathe flames on all people who use their power with impunity… Continue Reading “just stop”

it’s time to stop playing the victim role

Trying to get the bad government to change is like trying to talk logic into a crazy person. I’d rather draw a great big line and say “This is where you end, and this is where my life begins”.  Let’s stop playing the victim… Continue Reading “it’s time to stop playing the victim role”