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my calendars

So one of the great things that happened for me is that a graphic designer stepped in to help me with my design needs.  She created this beautiful calendar to accompany my first Renacimiento show.  I loved them! Then I wanted to frame them… Continue Reading “my calendars”

where magic hides

Sometimes I feel like I lose my ability to paint altogether.  I go months without knowing what to do, and when I try to paint anyway, it comes out boring and lifeless.  Then it sits on my shelves annoying me for months until I… Continue Reading “where magic hides”

I love gay men!

I love love.  I love love between humans.  All of them. I love the beauty in people when they are in love with one another. I love seeing them treat each other right. Really love that! And I love gay men.  I’ve had the… Continue Reading “I love gay men!”