all you need is love (hard eye-roll)

All you need is love. Don't you hate it when people say that? What does it even mean? The over-used rebuttal is not much better though. People need a roof over their head, they need money to pay their bills, justice in the courts, their basic human rights respected, basic health and education...something along those … Continue reading all you need is love (hard eye-roll)

is it love?

is it love when you walk next to someone who really needs to be walked next to? is it love when you stoop down and carry them on your back? some call that enabling Make 'em walk alone! that's how they build "character" the kind of character that abandons people and makes them walk alone? … Continue reading is it love?

the homeless man

Over a year ago I got this long private message on  my Facebook from a man named Ron who raved about my art.  He talked about how much it inspired him, and that he would love to purchase one but he was homeless at the moment.  I thought to myself, wow. what should I reply … Continue reading the homeless man