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Before facts there was…history

I’m writing this to comment on something I saw in the Economist today (in the app version). Please see the screenshots: “America has dealt with spikes in illegal immigration before”. This sentence will make anyone see that there was a sudden influx of illegal… Continue Reading “Before facts there was…history”

making america great again

To make America great again, take away choice. (Bear with me.) First, define “Great Again”. I’m going to shoot back to the postwar era where the US was exporting far, far more than it was importing. The US $Dollar was also recently baptized as… Continue Reading “making america great again”

what is a handout?

Every time I hear a conservative vs. liberal argument, the word handout is used. What does that word even mean? I suppose it means all forms of government aid, but it does not mean it in a literal sense. It is, in fact, a… Continue Reading “what is a handout?”