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gratefulness and great-full-ness

I am grateful for being great.  That’s called Greatfull.  Or full of greatness. I am grateful that all humanity is great. I am grateful that we can clean the mud off the diamond. It’s time. No, you don’t need to feel shame for your feet… Continue Reading “gratefulness and great-full-ness”


What Would a Caterpillar Do?   Would it suffer from low self-esteem   for not being a butterfly yet?   Would it beat itself on the head   to go faster, faster, faster?   Would it compete with its neighbor   and watch its… Continue Reading “WWCD?”

memory parade

Marc Anthony plays on YouTube si no me quieres vete ya!  hour after hour, song after song I listen as I wash dishes scrub floors bleach everything It has been almost twenty years that I learned I could dream and it started with Marc… Continue Reading “memory parade”