stop signs

I don’t want to reach the end of this era

having blown past all my stop signs

I don’t want to arrive on the other side of my horizon

with no memories to savor

no residue from my moments of rest

no lingering flavors

of my home-cooked meals

I don’t want to deliver an end result

achieve all that I set out to

but not loving the person I became

while pushing stops signs out of my way

I don’t want to hurry through my coffee

for projects overdue

or reach my appointed deadline

breathless and aching

I’d rather show up late

way late

ten years late

but be beautiful when I arrive

3 Comments on “stop signs

    • True! because when we arrive, we enjoy the victory for about 5.5 seconds then are bored again! ~ or maybe we compare ourselves to the next person’s victory who still outdid us….


      • Sometimes we a lit best when we reflect the glory of those close to us; then the light within is not lost but shines, augmented, in harmony.


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