Manhattan Cocktail Classic – Industry Invitational

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, both Friday & Saturday (May 9th & 10th).  This is an event that is somewhat like an expo for cocktails and different kinds of alcohol.  The Friday event was held at–believe it or not–the public library.  Here are some images for those who’ve never been to the New York Public Library.  It was a fancy, dress in your best, night and I had so much fun planning for it!  Saturday was a tad bit different. It’s called the “Industry Invitational” and only those in the beverage industry can attend.  People were there from all over the world showing their fine alcoholic drinks.  Personally, I got the best of both worlds, because I was given full pass to do some of the things I love doing best–tasting delicious drinks and taking pictures of them and all the lovely people who attended!  I was official–I even wore a badge that said “press”.  Below are some of the pictures I captured.

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