Visionary & Thinker

I’ve spent about twenty years observing social issues and thinking of ways to make long-lasting positive change. I have come to many conclusions, which were reinforced during my time at Cornell University. I am now finding ways to implement solutions I’ve come up with.


Art, for me, is a spiritual path. It is a method I have used to hone my intuitive skills, which has served me in all areas of my life, professionally as well as personally. I have sold in shows and galleries, and am intending to have a show post Covid.


I truly enjoy expressing myself in written form! I only wish I had more time to dedicate to this. I have so much to say which can help others improve their lives, make decisions based on long-term effects, rethink their limitations and overcome their obstacles.

Agent of Change

There are people all over the world who are committed to positive change, and they need solid, tangible support. I am developing a social platform to create a community that is centered around mutual support for all things impact related (See R2 Society below).

Mentor for Women

Throughout my life, I have mentored women who come from diverse backgrounds and had one thing in common – they experienced deep suffering and discrimination yet were not ready to quit fighting. I helped these women overcome their deep challenges and ultimately live lives that reflects WHO they truly are.

Current Project

I am currently building a platform with the aim to provide support for agents of change of all stripes. There will be 1) a social branch – letting people meet others and support one another; 2) a educational branch – courses to take to learn about a social-change topic; and 3) a personal development branch – helping agents of change overcome their challenges and be effective in their work.

My Story

I am the youngest daughter of Ervil LeBaron, a polygamist cult leader who died in prison when I was 5. I grew up in this cult and came to the US (from Mexico) when I was 17. The extreme hardship I suffered is what has fueled my questioning of reality, social change, art and writing. I fought hard to overcome all my obstacles and received my Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 2017, where I studied Development Sociology and Business.

Highest potential doesn’t exist. There is always the next level.